Case study: osteopathy and support

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We’re very pleased to share the following with you. Thanks to Martin for taking the time to send in such detailed and positive feedback. This really demonstrates a lot of why we love what we do!

I am a 48-year-old man, and I’ve had cerebral palsy since birth (right-sided hemiplegic). I have had physio when I was aged between 3 and 10, but nothing after that. I have sporadically suffered with back pain, poor mobility, which have contributed to affecting personal confidence, physical and mental health, and the ability to do several things.

I have been working with Eugene for the last 5 years.

I initially interacted with Eugene when I was an employee at Rackspace from 2016 to 2018, and he was heading up the company gym. We had a number of PE sessions, but Eugene very kindly tailored a number of sessions with a focus on improving overall core strength, mobility, dexterity as well as separate osteopathy sessions to unlock and empower my right arm and hand.

This has continued over the last 3 years, receiving osteopathy from Eugene twice a month (one 45-minute session focused on the legs, one focused on the back and arms). Each session is essentially an MOT, improving mobility and core strength, but also continuing to stretch, challenge and push the body a little further.

Recognised improvements:-

  • significant improvement in my posture and overall mobility
  • significant improvement in sleeping pattern (less interrupted / disturbed sleep, as the body is in less pain/discomfort)
  • improved the strength in the grip and dexterity of my right hand
  • has contributed to my overall physical and mental health, a more positive approach to life and when faced with adversity
  • three occasions in the last year alone where I have bumped into old friends/acquaintances where they have literally jumped back in amazement, and without prompting remarked upon my improved posture and overall physical well-being
  • friends and family have remarked upon my improved personal confidence
  • it has given me the confidence to do things I have not done before, such as swimming for the first time in the last 18 months

I cannot speak highly enough of the help Eugene has given to me over the last year, it has been genuinely life-changing.


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