Denise Walker-Marshall

Denise Walker-Marshall

Denise has recently graduated from the prestigious University College of Osteopathy, formerly known as the British school of Osteopathy in 2019 with a Masters in Osteopathy.

She did a dissertation on OsteoMAP – a unique treatment approach for chronic long-term MSK Conditions – which was based on Mindfulness, Acceptance and Commitment therapy.

During the Covid pandemic, Denise worked in a newly-established NHS Rehabilitation Covid-19 hospital, closely working with post-ICU Covid patients to get them back on their feet and on their way home.

Denise enjoys her fitness as part of a fulfilled lifestyle focused on staying fit and well-minded; her routine consists of daily intense cardio and yoga lessons at the gym as well as long walks around green spaces with her family and friends.


The main aspect of Osteopathy that she has come to understand in her experience as a training and fully-qualified Osteopath is how the holistic benefits of long-term treatment vary according to each patient and that a clinical, detached approach is often less impactful on the patient’s long-term healing process. Denise believes a successful Osteopath not only registers several techniques appropriate to a patient’s treatment but applies them in a careful, fully-invested way, mindful of her speech, disposition and the overall image she presents. Her main goal is to always improve the patients longevity of life through the healing and assessing processes she inputs in a safe and most effective way.

Denise is a fully registered Osteopath through the General Osteopathic Council as well as being a member of the Institute of Osteopathy. Her extended knowledge and experience on treatment and wellbeing of patients from her work in the NHS also contributes to her role as an Osteopath. She is eager to continue exploring and improving in her profession of Osteopathy.