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IDD Therapy

Are you suffering with back pain?

Herniated or prolapsed disc?

Have you been diagnosed with a herniated or prolapsed disc?

Trying to do normal things?

Are you having a nightmare trying to do normal things like sitting walking and getting dressed?

Disturbing your sleep?

Is the pain disturbing your sleep? Are you constantly taking pain killers?

Tried other treatments?

Have you tried other treatments like physiotherapy or osteopathy and were disappointed that they didn't work for you?

Pain coming back?

Have you had an injection and found the pain came back again?

Want to avoid surgery?

Are you looking for a long term solution but would like to avoid surgery?

If you answered yes to any of the above, IDD Therapy may well be the answer for you.

Are you looking for IDD Therapy in Guildford, Surrey? If your back or neck is causing you problems, our specialist team are here to help. We are back pain experts, offering professional IDD Therapy treatment for slipped discs and sciatica. We understand how frustrating it can be to have a long term back injury for which you have tried everything, and nothing has worked. Don’t suffer any longer – Come in and see us for an initial assessment where we can recommend an appropriate treatment for you. We are one of the leading clinics providing IDD Therapy in the Guildford area.

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What is IDD Therapy?

The video below will explain how IDD Therapy, a safe and gentle approach to back and neck pain, has helped 1000s of people in the UK break free from a cycle of painkillers and get back to normal life.

IDD Therapy stands for Intervertebral Differential Dynamics. It is the fastest growing non-surgical spinal treatment for intervertebral discs. It is safe, gentle and non-invasive, offering a fantastic alternative for patients who may have tried other treatments without any success.

The treatment involves taking pressure off squashed discs in your spine, gently restoring mobility. Our IDD Therapy team in Guildford carry out the treatment on patients with sciatica, neck and low back pain, and injuries commonly known as “slipped discs”. Adults of all ages can undergo IDD Therapy.

When exercise and manual therapy alone is insufficient, many choose to turn to our IDD Therapy in Surrey for its long list of benefits.

A Safe and Trusted Approach to Degenerative disc disease, Spinal Stenosis and Back Pain

Intervertebral Differential Dynamics (IDD) Therapy is a successful and trusted non surgical spinal decompression treatment for back pain, neck pain and related problems such as sciatica.

It is particularly useful to sufferers of:

  • Bulging, herniated and degenerative discs.
  • Spinal Stenosis.
  • Sciatica or trapped nerves.
  • Pain that hasn’t improved with other approaches such as spinal injections.
  • Cases of chronic pain ongoing for more that 6 weeks.

How does IDD Therapy work?

IDD Therapy is a targeted treatment used by clinicians to relieve pressure on specific spinal discs whilst gently restoring mobility.

Patients lie comfortably on the Accu SPINA machine. Using ergonomic harnesses to connect the patient to the machine, computer-controlled pulling forces are applied at measured angles to treat the affected spinal segment.

By decompressing (taking pressure off) an injured or bulging/herniated disc and stretching the soft tissues, we can improve mobility in the spine and allow the body’s natural healing mechanisms to operate more efficiently.

The benefits of IDD Therapy

Naturally, we are big advocates of IDD Therapy. But to help you see what wonders it can do, here is a list of some of the key benefits of IDD Therapy: 

Improved Disc Health

IDD Therapy creates ‘negative pressure’ at the site of the targeted disc which promotes the movement of water, oxygen and nutrients into the disc space – all of which are required for improved hydration and repair of the degenerative disc.

Decreased Muscle Spasm

IDD Therapy encourages the spine to become more mobile and the body’s natural healing mechanisms to operate more efficiently. Consequently, the pain caused by muscle spasm can be significantly reduced.

Increased Mobility

Over a programme of treatments, an IDD Therapy patient can become gradually more pain-free and with this, comes an increased confidence to move around more and thus, they are able to gain even more mobility.

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Why choose IDD Therapy in Guildford?

People choose IDD Therapy with us here in Guildford for a number of reasons. Here are just a few:

  • If you have a herniated disc or difficult spine issues
  • When other treatments simply aren’t working
  • When you need long-term pain relief
  • If you hope to return to normal everyday activities
  • If you want to stop relying on painkillers


We are a specialist clinic offering IDD Therapy in the area of Guildford, why not give us a call today to see how we could help you? We know that there are people out there suffering & in pain who we can help, we just want to find them!