Lucy Elliott (BSc)

Lucy Elliott

Lucy graduated from University of Chichester in 2019 with a BSc Degree in Sports Therapy.

Lucy is a warm and welcoming individual whose approach to her sessions is to listen to the individual’s needs and to let those needs guide her to the appropriate treatment.

Since graduating from university Lucy has managed to get a lot of experience behind her: from working alongside a rugby team to working with scholar students within a private school sports clinic. She has predominantly worked with clients of a younger age from 12-25 years and this experience means she has specialist knowledge of this age group and the types of injuries gained.

Whilst working pitch side for both the university and a private school, she has treated a lot of acute injuries and first aid incidences. Skills included in this role involve sports massage for both pre and post games, and sports taping. She is able to apply the correct techniques in both massage and taping to suit a variety of sporting injuries.

Lucy has danced since she was 2 years old, and through this has seen many injuries whilst growing up and understands how frustrating these injuries can be. During her sporting career she was also lucky enough to perform in the West End show ‘Billy Elliot’ and many other shows in theatres across the local areas. The knowledge from her dance history has allowed her to apply rehabilitation exercises specific to that sport; allowing dancers to get back to their pre injury level of dance. She also prides herself in carrying out treatment until any individual returns back to their pre injury state whether it be gardening without any pain, or whether it be getting a rugby player back to playing games by creating sport specific rehabilitation programmes.

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