Struggling with headaches?

Woman suffering from headaches who would benefit from osteopathy

Headaches are horrible, aren’t they? They can be debilitating or just a background fog that ruins your day. But they don’t have to be.

Many head ache sufferers have had enough of trying to deal with headaches by taking painkillers, drinking more water and rubbing their temples; fed up of feeling short term relief or no benefit at all.

You may not know that there is another treatment option which helps a lot of patients with head and neck pain. Osteopathy can clear those mental fogs and tension heads so that headaches sufferers can live their lives pain free.

I’m Andrew, the resident headache wizard at GW Osteopathy, and I take a hands-on approach that is tailored to your personal pain level so that treatment doesn’t even need to be uncomfortable or sore. The simple exercises and advice I provide are specific to you to suit your daily life and mean that you can make long-term change for the better.

From tension headaches and migraines to referred pain from overworked jaws and trapped joints in the neck and shoulders; headaches can be caused by a whole bunch of different problems. Trying to sort a headache without knowing what’s causing it can lead to bad advice, prolonged suffering and, in the worst case scenario, can even make things worse!

There’s no need to put up with the pain and discomfort headaches can cause, you can book to see Andrew at any of our three clinics: Guildford, Stoughton or Godalming. Book online below or call 01483 400207

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