Sam Ingram

Sam graduated from the British School of Osteopathy (now known as University College of Osteopaths) in 2000 after completing a 4-year degree in Osteopathy.


As part of her career development goals, Sam chose to commence her post graduate training by further learning and practising cranial osteopathic technique. This led her to working at the world-renowned Osteopathic Centre for children in London, where she experienced first-hand how incredibly effective craniosacral osteopathy can be. The time spent there has given Sam the extensive knowledge, experience and skills to work with babies after challenging births or struggling with feeding issues, working alongside midwifes, breast feeding councillors and tongue tie practitioners to fully support parents and baby. She also sees toddlers, older children and teenagers, both neurotypical and neurodiverse for a wide variety of reasons.

Sam has continued to deepen her understanding of this fascinating subject and for the past 10 years has been developing her skills in Biodynamic cranial Osteopathy for babies, children and adults.

In March 2023, Sam voluntarily de registered from the General Osteopathic council to offer a more holistic approach to my treatments and now use the title Holistic Healthcare Therapist instead of “Osteopath”. Sam uses gentle manual techniques being a mixture of structural, cranial and Biodynamic based on osteopathic principle that are suitable for clients with a wide variety of issues ranging from acute pain to long term conditions, tailoring her treatments to the individual’s needs.

Sam thoroughly enjoys helping women during their pregnancy, not only to stay pain free, but to prepare both physically and mentally to become “birth fit”. After following The Gentle Birth method by Gowri Motha, during her own pregnancies, Sam was able to give birth to her own children at home. This inspired her to study with Gowri to become a Gentle Birth Method practitioner, which has given her the passion and skills to help other women experience a more comfortable pregnancy and a gentle birth.

Outside of work, Sam takes pleasure in spending time with her family and being out enjoying nature, walking the dog and tending to her garden.

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