What to Expect

Who is suitable for treatment plans?

Osteopathy treatment plans are for everybody from babies to the very old and can help the very fit and infirm alike. Age is not a barrier to receiving osteopathic treatment as it is tailored to suit your individual needs. For those who are frail or find it too painful to be touched we offer Cranial Osteopathy.

What to expect on your first visit ?

The Osteopath will take a full case history, involving your presenting complaint, questions on your general health, lifestyle and past medical history. This is followed by a physical examination, when the osteopath will assess you. They will then arrive at a diagnosis and treatment plan.

What does treatment involve ?

Techniques employed, depending on the patient, may involve massage, stretching and manipulation. In general the treatment does not hurt, although there may be aching afterwards, especially if the problem is severe or longstanding. This normally subsides very quickly.

How long do consultation and treatment sessions last ?

The initial consultation will last from 40 minutes up to an hour. Subsequent visits or treatments will be 25-30 minutes. For more intense treatments for severe problems appointment times can be lengthened appropriately.

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