Laryngeal Manipulation

Did you know that if you’re experiencing fatigue or tiredness in your voice, a loss of power, or are a heavy voice user (such as a singer or speaker) osteopathy could be very beneficial for you?

Our voices work because of the co-ordinated movements of the muscles that make up our vocal tract. When these structures aren’t moving as they should be, we can get dysfunctions in the way our voice works. These muscular issues are a lot like a sports injury or back problem in that they could benefit from specialist treatment from an expert osteopath.

Andrew - laryngeal manipulation specialist
Andrew is an experienced singer and actor, as well as a trained osteopath specialising in the Liebermann Protocol

Laryngeal Manipulation Specialist

One of our team, Andrew, is one of these osteopaths who has been specially trained on how to assess and treat muscular dysfunctions in the voice via the method of the Liebermann Protocol, a specialised approach to manual therapy. As an experienced singer and actor, Andrew knows the common stresses and strains of performance all to well, and so has a unique insight into the treatment of these type of dysfunctions.

Laryngeal manipulation

How it works

Much like any osteopathy appointment, first we take a detailed case history to build a three-dimensional understanding of you and your lifestyle and stresses. Then there is an assessment where Andrew will ask you to use your voice in various ways while palpating how your voice box and other vocal structures are moving.

This allows Andrew to gain a full understanding of how your vocal tract is moving, the tensions it is under and the restrictions which are arising as a result. From this information, Andrew will build an individualised treatment plan, containing manual treatment approaches and aftercare/at-home advice, unique to you and your condition to effectively treat and reset your voice.

Laryngeal manipulation

Treatment is given in the form of manual therapy, gently applied typically to the outside of the throat, neck, shoulders, chest, and jaw. It can create a feeling of mild discomfort locally, and so Andrew will be monitoring your condition throughout to ensure we can treat you in the most effective and most comfortable way.

If you’re experiencing fatigue or tiredness in your voice, a loss of power, or are a heavy voice user (such as a singer or speaker) then Laryngeal Manipulation could be very beneficial for you.

If you have any queries about Laryngeal Manipulation, please contact Andrew at Or you can book an appointment now via our online booking page.

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