Dorothy Szamoricz

Dorothy’s professional journey is a testament to her unwavering commitment to the field of healthcare, with a unique blend of qualifications that set her apart.

Her academic accomplishments began in 2008 when she graduated as a physiotherapist in Poland. This marked the initial step in her healthcare career, where she dedicated herself to helping individuals recover from physical ailments. Working in physiotherapy centre provided her with a solid foundation, and as a self-employed physiotherapist and manual therapist, she continued developing personalised approach to patient care.

In 2013, Dorothy’s dedication to the healthcare field expanded further when she graduated as a paramedic in Poland. Her knowledge and skills in emergency medical care added a new dimension to her abilities, showcasing her readiness to assist in critical situations.

In 2023, Dorothy achieved another significant milestone by graduating from the University College of Osteopathy, formerly known as the British School of Osteopathy, with MSc in Osteopathy. This advanced degree solidified her expertise in osteopathic care, enriching her toolkit for patient treatment.

What distinguishes Dorothy as a healthcare professional is her unparalleled ability to adjust her treatment techniques to meet the unique needs of each patient. Her extensive experience has exposed her to a diverse range of medical conditions and ailments, enabling her to approach each case with precision and sensitivity.

Dorothy’s professional reputation is built on being not only highly skilled but also profoundly likable and responsible. Patients consistently appreciate her professional demeanor, approachability, and her commitment to their well-being.

Beyond her professional life, Dorothy possesses a passion for an active and balanced lifestyle. She finds solace in the great outdoors, indulging in activities like hiking and cycling. Her love for nature and physical exercise aligns seamlessly with her career’s mission to promote overall well-being. Additionally, she enjoys the therapeutic benefits of swimming, which serves as both exercise and relaxation.

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