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Osteopathy for Children

It is common for people to believe that babies and children do not have structural strains and stresses in their bodies because they are young. However, the reality is very different.

We serve the best osteopathy For children, Not all babies cope well with the process of birth when passing down the birth canal. Mechanical stresses affect the nerve supply from the neck and head, in return affecting the tongue causing feeding problems or to the gastric nerves causing colic. The tension in the skull can also cause the baby to be in a constant state of alert and the baby then has difficulty sleeping.

Babies suffer from musculoskeletal issues just like adults, however, they cannot always tell you if they have a sore neck, jaw or a headache. If your baby is having feeding difficulties and you have had midwives, health visitors, NCT advisors, doctors and breast-feeding counsellors assisting you, yet you are still having problems, then the issue may be physical. This is where a paediatric/cranial osteopath can help.

At GW Osteopathy Jennifer Beck not only specialises in treating babies and children, but is also training to become a midwife; and Gemma Ware also has many years experience in Children’s Osteopathy. The treatment is designed for those babies who are having difficulties adapting to their new environment outside the womb.

All treatment is using gentle cranial Osteopathy which is safe and particularly suitable for soft delicate infant bodies.

This treatment is good to help soothe and relax stressed babies.

How can it help?

As the baby grows and becomes a child, the effects of retained moulding can lead to other problems, listed below are the most common:
  • Infections, retained moulding and birth stresses deplete the immune system leaving the child more vulnerable to infection.
  • Behavioural problems and learning difficulties, causing poor concentration
  • Constant fidgeting and hyperactivity.
  • Retained moulding compression makes them uncomfortable in one position for too long which becomes habit forming, modifying normal learning patterns in the brain.
  • Headaches, aches and pains.

Young Children & Teenagers

If your young child or teenager has poor posture, it will remain throughout adulthood if left unaddressed. This can have an enormous effect on self-esteem and confidence, and can predispose them to spinal problems as adults. The huge growth that takes place from age 11 – 16 can put strain on the joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons, especially if the child is sporty (we have treated many children who have suffered from sporting injuries).

We treat children as a routine appointment like we do with adults following a sporting season or event, even if they are not feeling any pain, in order to prevent any problems from arising in the first place.

Gemma is one of our osteopaths who specialises with children and teenagers having trained and now working for the Sunflower Charity in Guildford.

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