Laryngeal Manipulative Therapy

Sore throats can benefit from osteopathy

Our vocal osteopath, Andrew, specialises in working with people with voice heavy careers. Teachers, Performers, and Businesspeople can often experience changes in voice quality or pain and discomfort when speaking particularly in times of high stress and anxiety. This could be Muscle Tension Dysphonia or MTD, an imbalance in muscle tension and breathing that causes excess strain in the muscles that control the vocal cords and voice production.

Andrew is specially trained in identifying this condition and others that affect voice production and can apply a variety of manual therapies and lifestyle advice to help treat these imbalances and help you get the most out of your voice again through use of the Lieberman Protocol.

Laryngeal Manipulative Therapy (LMT) uses gentle external contacts to examine the voice box by assessing the state of muscle tension, joint movement, and general function of all the voice box mechanisms and apply gentle mobilising techniques to resolve tension and stresses and restore normal voice box function. The assessment also involves evaluating and treating relevant postural issues and breathing mechanism dysfunctions which can have an important role in restoring good functionality for health and efficient voice use.

What conditions is LMT used for?

LMT is used primarily in the assessment and treatment of Primary Muscle Tension Dysphonia (MTD). MTD is one of the most common voice disorders arising from when muscles around the larynx tighten due to overuse or high stress and anxiety and limit the movement of the larynx, resulting in a range of symptoms, including;

  • Hoarse voice
  • Tightness and muscle aches in and around the throat
  • Strained voice
  • Sudden breaks of fading of the voice
  • Tender neck
  • Loss of vocal range in singers
  • Feeling the need to clear the throat
  • Feeling a lump in the throat.

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